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Back from #The Other Art Fair and ready to try out new cenosphere formulas

A large cenosphere experimental work on canvas.

Start date: 6/11/17

Climate: temp in the 90’s high humidity

Dimension: 50 x 38 x 1½ inches

Ground surface: canvas (Belgian) medium weight, wood stretchers

Ground materials: rabbit skin glue

gesso di bologna

cenosphere (cw 106)

ground marble


The ground ingredients were mixed in stages beginning with a rabbit skin glue sizing. This layer was allowed to set, then the gesso and cenoshere were mixed with additional glue and stirred until thickened to the consistency of cream and applied by brush. As this was setting the marble power was added as a thickening agent. This has the consistency which allows brush application without the material slumping so gestural marks have a soft edge.

The material in its final formulation was also applied to a paper surface (Fabriano Artiscio cold press) and combed for effect, then left to dry.

Observations: very slow drying especially at the edges along the stretchers and above the bracing where moisture could get trapped. Paper surface dry and ready to be worked.


Canvas surface still damp in spots @ 8:10 am. See photos:

Figure 1 the drying on the canvas and paper surfaces as of early am

Figure 2 the drying patterns

The coloring in the ground is the result of the cw106 cenospheres mixing with the gesso. You can also see the allowed irregularities which starts the drawing process.

Since the work on paper is dry I can begin working on that today and will post the results asap

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